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Take your van life experience and diesel heater convenience to the next level with our 3D Printed Quick Connect Coupling for 90 mm (approximately 3.54 inches) Ductwork. This innovative coupling is meticulously designed to be fully compatible with popular diesel heaters used in van conversions, such as Webasto and Eberspächer models. Perfectly fitting 90 mm ductwork, it bridges a significant gap in the market, especially for those utilizing Mercedes Sprinter, RAM ProMaster, Ford Transit, and other vehicles often chosen by the van life community.

🚐 Van Life Essential 🚐
Specially tailored for the adventurous spirit of van life enthusiasts, this coupling is a must-have for anyone looking to streamline their heating setup. Whether you're outfitting a Mercedes Sprinter or customizing your mobile dwelling in a Ford Transit, our coupling ensures a seamless connection, enhancing the overall comfort and warmth of your living space.

🛠️Precision 3D Printing Technology 🛠️
Crafted with the latest in 3D printing technology, our coupling is not just a piece of equipment but a durable, high-quality upgrade made from High-Temperature Filament. Featuring a carbon fiber optic finish, it withstands up to 160°C (320°F), ensuring reliability and longevity even under demanding conditions.

🔧 Compatible with Leading Brands 🔧
Our Quick Connect Coupling is engineered for perfect compatibility with 90 mm ductwork systems of leading heater brands such as Webasto (Air Top 2000 STC, Air Top EVO 40, Air Top EVO 55) and Eberspächer, making it an essential upgrade for anyone in the van life community or using these heaters in other applications.

🧲 Enhanced with Magnetic Connectivity 🧲
Ease of use is paramount, and our coupling delivers with powerful embedded magnets for a secure and straightforward connection. This feature allows for quick assembly and disassembly, perfect for the dynamic lifestyle of van dwellers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

🌐 A Market Gap Filler for Van Conversions 🌐
Recognizing the need for a robust, heat-resistant coupling in the van conversion market, especially for vehicles like the Mercedes Sprinter and others relying on 90 mm ductwork, this product fills a considerable gap. It's an indispensable addition to your van's heating system, promising enhanced performance and ease of use.

Ready for a Van Life Heating Upgrade?
Join the countless van lifers who have already enhanced their heating systems. Add our 3D Printed Quick Connect Coupling for 90 mm Ductwork to your setup today and enjoy the benefits of a more efficient, reliable, and user-friendly heating solution. Perfect for the Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit, RAM ProMaster, and more, it's the ultimate upgrade for anyone committed to the van life journey.

90mm Heat-Resistant Quick Connect Coupling: For Webasto, Eberspächer - Ideal for