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Introducing the Ultimate Heater Coupling System for Autoterm Planar 2D: Precision-Engineered for Superior Heating in Shelters, Campers, and Cabins

Elevate your heating setup with our cutting-edge Heater Coupling System, expertly designed for the Autoterm Planar 2D and compatible with 60mm air hoses. This all-encompassing set is the perfect fusion of functionality and sleek design, offering unmatched control and performance for your heating needs.

Key Features:

    Optimized for 1" Wall Thickness: Specifically tailored to fit sandwich plates commonly used in shelter, camper, and cabin builds, this system perfectly accommodates a 1-inch wall thickness. Its design allows for a few millimeters of compensation (+/-) without any visual discrepancies in the interior air channel, ensuring a seamless integration and professional finish.

    Dual Watertight Caps: Comes with two watertight caps for both interior and exterior use, providing essential insulation and protection. These caps act as a reliable barrier against the elements or can be used as spares, maintaining the system's efficiency in all conditions.

    Rotating In-Cabin Vent: Customize your heating direction with the innovative rotating vent, enabling precise control over the warm air flow within your space for optimal comfort and distribution.

    Exterior Duct Coupler: Engineered for a flawless fit with 60mm air hoses, the exterior duct coupler ensures a secure connection to your heating system, crucial for maintaining output integrity and efficiency.

    Professional-Grade Mounting Faces: Achieve a polished installation look with two mounting faces for the interior and exterior, designed for countersunk hardware to present a sleek, professional appearance.

    Carbon Fiber Optic Finish: The set showcases a stylish carbon fiber optic finish, adding a contemporary and elegant touch to your heater installation without compromising on durability.

    High-Temperature Resistant Resin Filament: Constructed from a high-temperature resistant resin filament, capable of withstanding up to 160°C (320°F), this system ensures reliability and performance under extreme conditions.

Product Description:

Transform your Autoterm Planar 2D heater with our state-of-the-art Heater Coupling System, crafted for those who seek the ultimate in heating efficiency with a stylish edge. Ideal for off-grid adventures or enhancing comfort in vehicles, this system offers comprehensive features like dual watertight caps, a versatile rotating vent, and a secure exterior duct coupler, all designed for effortless control of your heating environment. Tailored to fit 1-inch wall thickness commonly found in shelters, campers, and cabins, this system adjusts seamlessly for minor variations, ensuring a flawless integration. With its carbon fiber optic finish and professional mounting options, the system not only elevates the aesthetics of your setup but also guarantees lasting durability and performance. Made from high-temp resistant resin filament, it stands up to the demands of use, making it an essential upgrade for your heating configuration.

Upgrade to our Heater Coupling System today and experience the perfect blend of technology, design, and comfort for your space.

Autoterm Planar 2D Carbon Fiber Optic Heater Coupling: 1" Wall, 60mm, Rotating V