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Unleash the Potential of Your Diesel Heater with Our Cutting-Edge 60mm Quick Connect Couplings!

Optimize Your Outdoor Adventures: Designed to bridge the gap in the market for high-quality duct couplings, our new 60mm Quick Connect Couplings are here to elevate your offroad and off-grid heating systems. Perfectly compatible with popular 60mm diesel heaters like Autoterm Planar 2D and other similar models, these couplings ensure a seamless fit and enhanced efficiency.

Premium Materials for Lasting Durability: Choose from two exceptional materials based on your needs:

    Precision CNC-Machined Billet Aluminum: Crafted for the outdoor enthusiast who demands the best. Its robust design provides a reliable, long-lasting connection and features a sleek, modern finish.
    Heat Resistant Polymer: Our popular polymer version offers outstanding heat resistance and durability, suitable for temperatures up to 160°C (320°F), ensuring optimal performance even under the most demanding conditions.

Effortless Magnetic Connectivity: Both versions incorporate powerful, recessed magnets, delivering a strong, secure yet easy-to-use connection system. The magnetic feature simplifies the installation process, reducing setup time and enhancing the user experience.

Features & Benefits:

    Streamlined Design: Both couplings are designed to minimize air turbulence, featuring a locating ring that aids in optimal airflow and fitment.
    Versatile Use: Ideal for use in outdoor, offroad, and off-grid applications, these couplings bring reliability wherever your journey takes you.
    Easy Installation: Connect your air duct hoses with ease using the magnetic docking system, supported by flexible mounting options for a seamless setup.

Inside Your Package:

    Inside Flange with Flexible Mounting Options
    Magnetic Outside Flange for Quick and Secure Air Duct Connection
    Protective Weather Cap for Enhanced Durability

Ready to Transform Your Heating System?

Embrace the Outdoors with Confidence: Whether braving the rugged terrains or enjoying the tranquility of off-grid living, our Quick Connect Couplings are your best companion for maintaining a comfortable and efficient heating system.

🛒 Don't Wait, Upgrade Today! Add the 60mm Quick Connect Coupling in either premium Billet Aluminum or our durable Polymer to your cart and experience the pinnacle of heating technology and design.

60mm Diesel Heater Coupling - Aluminum or Polymer - Fits Webasto, Autoterm

  • Upgrade with our 60mm Quick Connect Heater Couplings for Autoterm & similar models. Choose durable Aluminum or Polymer for outdoor use. Easy install, secure fit!