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🛠️ Introducing the Most Practical CNC Dust Shoe: Make Your Shop Life Easier, Your Way 🛠️

Hey there, fellow creators! We know the drill – precision matters, cleanliness is key, and innovation is a must. That's why we're excited to introduce the DT3D CNC Dust Shoe – a tool designed by makers, for makers. Build your own with our blueprints or contact us for a custom job.

🔍 **Here's What You Get** 🔍
- **Simple ATC Solutions:** We're keeping it real. Our CNC Dust Shoe offers two options for Automatic Tool Change (ATC). You can either pop off the bottom part (it's got magnets, so it's a snap) or use our tool fork to park it smartly. No gimmicks, just practicality.

- **Craftsmanship Simplified:** We've tackled the annoying part for you. The bristle ring adjusts on its own, no fiddling required. It slides along like a champ, adapting to different tool lengths without the headache.

- **Crafted for Precision:** Our CNC Dust Shoe is designed to be CNC milled in 20mm acrylic, ensuring unparalleled precision for your projects. If 3D printing is your jam, no problem – it's 100% compatible using our mesh file set.

- **Materials Made Easy:** Reproducing your CNC Dust Shoe is a breeze. You'll need 2x 20mm thick 200x200mm acrylic sheets, a 70mm acrylic tubing (100mm outer diameter, 94mm inner diameter), bristles for CNC dust shoes (60mm height), and 12x 10x4mm magnets. All affordable and readily available.

- **Craft with Confidence:** Our dust shoe design embraces the cyclonic effect, making it a perfect partner for vacuum cleaners with a high-velocity, low-air-volume approach to suction. Say goodbye to debris and broken endmill from recutting material.

- **Options Galore:** Choose what suits you best. If you're all about CNC magic, our full package with source files, CAM suggestions and exports is your go-to. If 3D printing's your thing, grab some magnets and bristles, and you're set. Your call, your craft.

🛠️ **Craftsmanship Meets Convenience** 🛠️
We're cooking up something cool! Soon, you'll have our tool fork download at your fingertips. What's it do? Well, it lets you program a custom M6 code to neatly tuck away the bottom part of the dust shoe. It's like a parking spot for your tool. No fuss, just craft.

This dust shoe has been designed to make your crafting life simpler, more efficient, and more enjoyable. Ready to give it a spin? Let's do this!

The Most Practical CNC Dust Shoe - height and ATC compatible - 110mm Spindle