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Enhance Your Marine Heating Experience with Our Premium Magnetic Marine Heater Connectors

Experience unparalleled convenience in marine heating with our Magnetic Heater Couplings, tailored for the boating and yachting industry. Compatible with leading brands such as Webasto, Eberspächer, and Autoterm, these couplings are available in critical diameters of 60mm, 75mm, and 90mm, perfectly matching a wide range of marine heaters.

Material Options Tailored for Marine Durability:

Precision CNC-Machined Billet Aluminum: Ideal for the rigorous marine environment, this option offers superior durability and an elegant carbon optic finish. The integrated powerful magnets ensure a robust connection, enhancing longevity and maintaining a high-quality appearance.

High-Temperature 3D Printed Filament: Engineered to withstand temperatures up to 160°C, this cost-effective solution ensures robust performance, suitable for harsh marine conditions.

ABS Carbon Fiber Optic Magnetic Coupling: This affordable option is designed for lower temperature applications, providing dependable performance ideal for cold air intake systems and general marine ductwork.

Features Designed for Marine Efficiency:

Universal Marine Compatibility: Our couplings are engineered to seamlessly integrate with a broad spectrum of marine diesel heaters, including the most popular models.

Magnetic Connectivity: Our magnetic design allows for quick, tool-free installation and removal, crucial for marine applications where time and ease are of the essence.

Optimized Airflow Design: The billet aluminum variant includes an extended locator ring that reduces air turbulence and enhances airflow, essential for efficient heating onboard. For heavy-duty applications involving stiff marine air ducts, we recommend our heavy-duty version, which features a longer locator ring and 40% more magnets for enhanced stability and performance.

Rugged and Reliable: Whether you choose billet aluminum or the robust 3D printed options, each coupling is built to offer reliability in diverse marine environments.

Compact and Safe: Our couplings are designed to minimize external protrusion, reducing the risk of snags. The included protective weather cap ensures a secure and protected setup.

Package Contents for Complete Setup:

Internal Flange with Receiver Tube: Designed to match the specific diameter of your heater model, featuring a barbed section for secure attachment of hoses and duct tubes.

External Flange for Easy Hose Connection, featuring a barbed section for secure attachment of hoses and duct tubes.

Protective Weather Cap for Enhanced Durability

Upgrade Your Marine Heating System:

Choose from our high-end billet aluminum, durable 3D printed filament, or innovative ABS carbon fiber optic magnetic heater couplings to elevate the heating efficiency and convenience of your boat or yacht. Our Quick Connect Magnetic Heater Couplings redefine marine heating solutions with a focus on innovation, efficiency, and style. Order now and experience the next level in marine heating technology.

Magnetic Marine Heater Connectors - Couplings Fit Webasto, Eberspächer, Autoterm