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Introducing the Perfect Off-Road Companion: Our Boafeng UV-5R Radio Mount Kit!

Engineered for adventure, our 3D-printed mount kit, now upgraded with steel reinforcement and carbon fiber optics, brings an entirely new level of durability and innovation to securely cradle your Baofeng UV-5R handheld ham radio. Whether you're hitting the trails or embracing off-grid explorations, this mount keeps your radio within arm's reach, providing quick access to communication in any rugged environment.

**What Sets Our Kit Apart:**

- **One-Piece, Strength by Design:** We've reimagined our kit into a one-piece part, significantly enhancing its strength through thoughtful design. This unified construction, coupled with steel reinforcement and carbon fiber optics, ensures the highest level of durability.

- **Ready-to-Use Assembly:** Your convenience is our priority. Our kit arrives fully assembled with center steel bolt, complete with your choice of an external mic mount option and a heavy-duty RAM ball mount Size (B) 1" at the back.

- **Robust Centerline Construction:** Our mount features a 40mm metal bolt housed at the centerline of the RAM Ball mount section, adding yet another layer of strength and stability to the design.

- **High-Quality Material:** Crafted from Sunlu ABS+ Filament, our mount is not only durable but also benefits from the carbon fiber optic top surface, produced using the cutting-edge Bambulab X1C printer technology.

- **Seamless Integration:** Tailored to the Baofeng UV-5R Size (B) 1" dimensions, our mount maintains a snug fit for worry-free use on rough terrains.

Upgrade your outdoor experience with the reliability of a Baofeng UV-5R paired with the innovation of our specialized mount. Get ready to explore without limits – order your kit now!

Baofeng UV-5R Complete 1" RAM - Heavy Duty Steel reinforced - Carbon Fiber Optic