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Digital Assets and CNC Manufacturing Files

DT3D has a wide range of products to get your project started - from navigation components to storage solutions, industrial design for furniture, and vector wall art. Our products give novice fabricators and makers the chance to build and assemble the projects of their dreams. With our ever-growing line of products, you can bring your ideas to life. Get started today with DT3D files!

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Custom Snorkel Heads

Contact us today to have your custom-made Snorkel Grills crafted to your exact specifications.

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Navigation Accessories and Mounts

Our selection includes RAM Mounts and Adapters, HAM Radio and GPS Accessories, to help you keep connected and on track.

Vehicle Accessories

Vehicle Accessories

We offer an ever-expanding selection of storage solutions, mounts, accessories, M.O.L.L.E. panels, and more, both as shipped products and as digital files for manufacturing.


Mobile  Heater Solutions

DIY Kits, Quick-Connect Couplings, Digitally-Optimized Files for Manufacturing, and Complete Heater Products


Nissan Patrol Parts

  • Front & Rear Bumpers Y61

  • Custom Storage Solutions

  • Long Travel Swaybar Links

  • Winch Mounts

  • Underbody Protection

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