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Enhance your biathlon rifle's functionality with our bespoke Rifle Sight Adapter, expertly engineered to convert Russian Izhmash rear sights for seamless use with the widely acclaimed German Gehmann rear sight irises. This adapter is the perfect solution for athletes looking to leverage the precision and versatility of Gehmann sight attachments without replacing their trusted Izhmash sights. Our product fills a significant gap in the market, providing a high-quality, cost-effective solution for biathlon enthusiasts.

Key Features:

    Universal Compatibility: Designed specifically for Izhmash rear sights to fit Gehmann M9.5x1.0 thread size, this adapter extends compatibility to a wide range of popular sight attachments, enhancing your sighting options and accuracy.

    Material Excellence: Made from high-grade plastic, our adapter combines lightweight design with durability and precision, ensuring a perfect fit and lasting performance.
    Custom Fit: Tailored to meet your exact specifications, including thread sizes and dimensions, for a secure and precise connection between your rifle sight and the Gehmann iris or other compatible attachments.

    Affordable Global Shipping: We offer economical shipping from Switzerland worldwide, complete with tracking and insurance, making our adapter accessible to biathlon athletes everywhere at a reasonable cost.

Value Proposition:
Our Custom Biathlon Rifle Sight Adapter stands out in the market for its unparalleled quality, precision, and affordability. By facilitating the use of Gehmann rear sight irises with Izhmash rifles, our adapter not only enhances your rifle's accuracy but also expands your customization options without the need for expensive modifications or replacements.

Ordering Information:
We are committed to providing a personalized service to meet the unique needs of each athlete. For inquiries, custom order requests, or further information, please reach out to us via messaging or email to Let us help you achieve superior performance with a custom solution tailored to your biathlon needs.

Elevate your shooting experience with our Custom Biathlon Rifle Sight Adapter and unlock the full potential of your equipment today.

Custom Biathlon Rifle Sight Adapter for Izhmash to Gehmann Compatibility