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Off Grid Mobile Diesel Heater

All in one Box

Everything is securely contained in the durable Aluminium Box, including Hot Air Piping, Remote, 12V Cabling (with a Batterie Option available upon request), Internal Muffler and Heat Shielding, and Quick Connect Ducts - so you can be ready to go in seconds!

Mobile Diesel Heater Coupling.jpeg

DIY Kits

If you want to build the heater yourself, no problem! We have a selection of customizable parts that you can have delivered right to your home. From universal duct fittings with quick connects, to brand specific solutions, or even custom items - we've got you covered. Simply choose what you need for the project and have it sent to your door.

Off Grid Mobile Diesel Heater

Get the STL Files & DIY

Our Complete Heater System & Quick Connect Air Ducts have been designed in CAD and can be recreated by anyone with a moderately competent 3D printer and heat resistant filament. All flanges, adapters, quick connects and accessories are available as conveniently downloadable 3D printer-ready STL files in our shop.

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