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Custom Snorkel Grills

Embrace off-roading with DT3D's snorkel grills. Crafted inhouse using multi-color ASA additive manufacturing, our covers fit various Safari Snorkel Head types, adding style and functionality to your 4x4. Chose a design or make it your own. Customize with color, brand, style, and shape options. For businesses, print farms and makers, we offer digital 3D models that ensure easy multi-material and color compatibility within your Slicer and parametric solid body design source files.

  • Brand & Color Combination Options:

  • Scratch-Resistant: Solid colors hide scratches, maintaining a sleek appearance.

  • Durable ASA Material: Withstand tough off-roading conditions.

  •  Customizable Designs: Make it your own!

  • Tested for Off-Road Use:

  • In-House Production:


Custom Snorkel Covers

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